Choosing the right decor for your new bathroom or kitchen

Tips to give a great finish to a bathroom, shower room or kitchen.

kitchen decor


Choosing the right colours.
Keeping main wall areas in light neutral colours helps make the room look larger and brighter. Grey tones are popular at the moment and aim to give a modern feel to your new kitchen or bathroom.

Type of paint
Using diamond eggshell or diamond matt finishes for walls and ceilings will help your paintwork stay in good condition for longer. Most kitchens will need repainting every year or two as they get lots of wear from steam, smoke and grease. Ensure your kitchen fan filter is changed regularly or fit an external type fan extractor.

Tiles or paint
Tiles will give you a long lasting finish and can be cleaned. The downside is they are a choice you will not be able to change as easily as painted walls. If going with tiles try and pick a design that will stand the test of time and not become outdated too quickly.

Flooring-Tiles, resin, lino or laminate.
Tiles are most durable and also easy to clean. Some porous tiles will need a sealer coat and regular maintenance. Resin floors look great, but can become scratched and look tired after a few years. Lino and laminate are good options, make sure it is kitchen compatible and moisture tolerant.

DIY or Professional job?
If you have spent £20000 to have a new kitchen fitted it makes sense to get the job finished professionally. A painting contractors will take a few days to prepare and paint a large kitchen, this will give your kitchen a great finish. Saying that, if you have some experience in painting, it could be done without calling ion the professionals.